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About Carol

Carol has shared her knowledge with hundreds of students and their dogs through classes with the Greater St Louis Training Club (GSLTC) and her private clients. She encourages her students to look at the whole dog.  Understanding the emotional side of their dog, her students are able to build canine-human relationships of trust and respect. Learning positive reinforcement marker training, her students acquire training skills to train their dog in tasks of multiple levels of difficulty, never compromising the relationship. Carol feels there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the human canine bond develop. She believes positive reinforcement marker training techniques enhance this bond through communication, understanding and respect, helping dogs and their guardians live happy long lives together. 

Aside from training her clients with their dogs, Carol trains her own dogs Gilbert and Ely in canine scent work sport, obedience skills, tricks and canine parkour.

Qualifications and Certifications
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